About us

GATESTORE s.r.o. is a commercial company established on the basis of a foundation deed in 2001.
Over the short time since its establishment, the company has managed to build up a strong position on the market with a large number of repeat and satisfied customers.
Since the beginning we have provided our partners with comprehensive services including high quality solutions for their exact needs.


Our activities were focused on sales activities at the beginning.
Bringing together professionals with many years of experience in sales facilitated an increase in market coverage and raised the level of criteria for success.
We gradually defined our primary objective: to offer high quality goods and services at attractive prices, to create advertising that stimulates the mind,
changes attitude and streamlines business and to help our clients reap the benefits.

The result of our systematic efforts to find products and services delivering the optimum balance of price and quality led to the creation of GATESTORE s.r.o.

Creativity in life and in business is based on simple and effective solutions.

The work of our specialists and their professional focus ensure client satisfaction and provide a guarantee of effectively invested money and guaranteed profits.
Their attention to detail is another strength.